Window Grills Provide Your House and Property More Safety

20A lot of people select window grill for the extra security it offers just like grills are very effective physical hurdles to thieves.

These have a very good choosing rate evaluate with other security solutions and products mainly because of very good performance of price ranges and application. Furthermore, it is also ordinary for people to add sensors and Closed-circuit TV with grills just for an enhanced degree of safety at home.

Grilles are usually fixed inside of the window in numerous homes, and that’s in fact an extra form of security. Because of the architectures, grills let the natural light enter into houses and also present an apparent outside. In reality, grill is just a blessing for those staying in high mount structures. Window grilles are the shield measure to our windows to get rid of the danger of falling from windows, mainly for infants. Even, you might enjoy the benefits of Invisible grille whilst keeping a window open. They are simply cleaned up, transformed and mounted and also, these are extremely economical. What’s more, the availability of grills assists them to be fitted without having particular permissions.

Window grill designs can offer your home with a fresh, fantastic method to increase safety and maintain stylish sophistication using ornate and flexible styles. With window grill design part, you don’t have to settle for determinedly traditional and general styles; you can have your option of a huge range of designs to suit any situation and décor. Because of the numerous design choices on offer, you can opt between easy sophistication or more intricate patterns to praise your home and improve its overall appeal. Legate Singapore is recognized as consistent sources in securing homes and office by giving a stylish, secure Invisible Grilles, Window Grilles & Auto Gate.

Window grill Singapore usually lay on a robust guide track which allows these to be popped through effortless sliding moves. As they don’t require any type of electronic tools such as motor units or any other gadgets, don’t be worried about the protection and / or maintenance. The one thing you must do is a few occasional clean ups just by the water and a damp small cloth, else, they are about care free. They also offer the important attribute of being ready to be right away unlocked in a serious condition. Obviously, it is very significant because any kind of physical safety measure that might not be opened at the time of crisis must not be our main deliberation.

One motive for the growing attention in grill Singapore is that they solve the difficulty of how to improve the security of a home without losing its aesthetic application. For homeowners, when the grilles are completely extended, the diamond-shaped holes let in ample of light and are quite good-looking.

The benefits of the Sliding invisible grille are merely just too many, including better efficiency in addition to security, much enhanced security and safety, better cost range etc. You might even discuss with any window grill expert or supplier to decide on the right style and machinery which would match most excellent to your preference, requirement and current setting.

Things To Look For While Purchasing Window Valances

19Avnish Window Valances are those fabric or drapes that you find attached to the upper part of a window. Combined with other window treatments (shades, curtains or binds), they are even capable of magnifying the thermal insulation as they fit snugly around the top of the window frame, thereby limiting the air leaks. To top their utility aspect, they can also be used a decorating tool to enhance the color and design aspect of your windows (boring drapery rods stay invisible) or any other window coverings!

As well known as they are for their additional decorative value when it comes to enhancing and to complete the overall look of a drapery or curtain set up, Valances can also be deployed alone in order to add an even more ornate touch to your windows and the bigger the window frames of your house. The better the valances can make them appear! However, you need to make sure that the ones which you finally decide to use are well-matched to the ambiance of your house.

How to make sure a valance is well-matched to the ambiance of your room/house? Read on!

The most important factors which one needs to keep in mind while purchasing window valances for the windows are the type of fabric, window size, the theme and style of your home decor and the ambiance of the particular room for a particular valance. Out of all these, needless to say the most important one is the size of the valance and the ambiance of your room. An ill-fitted valance of contrasting colors can end up making your arrangement look awkward as well as forced and unnecessary. So if you already have a curtained window, make sure you go for valances which match the curtains properly and help to enhance their overall appeal.

Next we need to find out what shape and size of window valances would suit your needs in the best and most proper way. There are a lot of types of valances, which you need to choose based on your needs, below are the various types of valances which will help you decide on the shape and size of a valance to choose.

I)                  Rod Pocket Valance – a) Simplest type of Valance, miniature version of a curtain b) Stitched like a simple drape or put on the top in the shape of a rectangle stretch of fabric c) Comes in various prints and includes many bright colorful themes for kids’ rooms especially.

II)               Ascot Valance – a) Quite attractive and comes in a triangular shape, which can be hung down from the top of the windows b) Made of rich looking fabrics like net, lace, silk and velvet c) Have a soft U-shaped bottom, which gives a flared look to large windows.

III)            Blouson Valance or Balloon Valance – Large pieces of fabric are sewn in such a way as to produce a balloon or puffed effect, can also be stuffed with soft materials between balloon pleats.

IV)           Festoon Valance – Semi-circular shape, used often with curtains which are of the same shape.

V)              Jabot Valance – Uses a centrally placed fabric, with two more pieces of fabric on either side of the window thus creating a frame-like effect.

VI)           Swag Valance – Hung in semi-circular folds, they are draped over curtain rods and pelmets in large folds, pleats and ruffles with the ends suspended from the either side of the windows.

Other than these types, one can also go for the regular valance styles such as scarf and cornice valances or for wooden valances (if looking for a formal look). But if you want to go for a bit more utility and clever design, shelf valances can suit you just fine.

Traditional Sash Windows – What Are the Options?

18Many of us are lucky enough to live in a period or possibly listed property. These come with there own little idiosyncrasies – small doors, unusual room layouts and features which would never pass modern building regulations. Among the more standard features are windows which come in a range of types including centrally pivoting sashes, sliding sash windows and traditional flush casement windows.

The Sliding sash window that most of us recognise is standard fitting on Georgian town houses and is instantly recognisable by 6 small panes above the central meeting rail and 6 below. There is a “horn” detail which is a decorative flourish on the sash style.

Sash windows are a thing of beauty which complement the look of the older property but the originals are prone to several problems.

The sashes are renowned for being stiff and difficult to lift, often due to years of over painting. They tend to rattle in the frame due to wood shrinkage and do not operate smoothly.The gaps around the sashes also allow cold draughts to enter the building. The original glass is often single glazed and is both thermally inefficient and has poor acoustics. The paint finish on older properties may also contain lead which needs to be treated with care when being removed.

“SO” I hear you say, “What can we do about these problems?”

Well, there are several options depending on budget, listed status and personal preference.

1. If you have a listed property, it is likely that you will be required to replace the windows like for like. The frame will need to be increased in depth due to the “pocket” required for the sash weights. For single glazed units a frame depth of 135mm is quite typical and for more modern double glazed units this will be increased to around 170mm. The glazing bars often associated with “Georgian” type properties will need to be solid bars which are mortice and tenoned into the frame for strength. It is not unusual for single glazed units to be specified by the listed officer as they are original features.

2. The more modern equivalent of the weights/ sash cord is the spring or turbo balance. These perform the same action as the original weights but are less obtrusive due to there size. They are normally set into a groove in the frame or can be face fixed. The springs themselves are housed in a protective outer case which helps keep them free from dust and dirt. Colours include white and brown.

3. The third and most cost effective replacement is the “Mock Sash” which from the outside appears to be a standard sliding sash complete with individual panes of glass and decorative horns. the main difference is when you come to open the window- it opens on friction hinges similar to a standard casement window. There is also the option to replace the solid glazing bars with “Plant on ” bars which come as a frame ready to fit after glazing. This gives the illusion of separate panes of glass but means that a single double glazed unit can be utilised. They are also a very good choice where a fire escape window has been specified

The choice of timber is also of importance when it comes to windows which need to withstand the rigours of the weather.

Hardwood is the best choice for durability but comes with a higher price tag. If the house is yours and you intend to live in it for a long time the extra investment is certainly worthwhile. Todays modern engineered timbers are far superior to the timber previously used and with a little TLC they should last for years.

If budget is a major consideration then softwood frames with a hardwood cill is the next best choice. A complete softwood frame is the lease expensive choice but it is unlikely to weather well and should be avoided if possible.

A timber such as Sapele which is part of the Mahogany family is a very popular choice as the close grain will result in a smooth finish if applying stain or paint.Due to the way it grows, there are no lower branches and so high grade Sapele will be knotless and again results in a superior wood finish. The vast majority of these type of windows are painted so it is unlikely that paying the extra for a timber such as Oak would be justified.

Modern paint systems have also improved to the point where a 3 coat system – primer/undercoat-2 top coats will protect the timber and leave it looking good for many years. If hardwood windows are chosen then these can be repainted and repaired as necessary. If softwood is chosen, then rot is more likely in the long term especially at the cill and then whole window sections will probably need to be changed.

The glazing is also of paramount importance. If the building is listed then single glazing may be the only choice. There are slim versions of double glazed units now available and these are sometimes acceptable, although they are generally more expensive than standard double glazed units.

If new windows are being manufactured and double glazed units such as 24mm can be used, incorporating “K” glass on the inner leaf to comply with building regulations, these are a good choice. The “U” value of double or even triple glazed units will be around 1.0 but can be as low as 0.8

The windows are an important feature on any house and getting the right look can make the difference between so so and the WOW factor.

Choose your joinery manufacturer carefully and make sure you visit them to see the quality of work being produced before you start signing cheques!!

Burwood Joinery Ltd is a manufacturing joinery business based in Sheffield, South Yorkshire.

They provide a bespoke service creating beautiful and practical timber products ranging from Sash Windows to Hardwood External doors, Hand made conservatories and Orangeries, Ornate staircases, Individual pieces of Furniture, Designer Mouldings and personally commissioned items.

Bathroom Window Treatments

17The best bathroom window treatments are those which look luxurious without compromising on the functionality and maintenance of the windows.

A wide range of bathroom window treatments are available in innumerable themes and color schemes depending on the interiors of your bathroom.

Bathroom window treatments can be done using various materials which suit the environment accordingly. Water-resistant materials are in greater demand when it comes to bathroom window treatments. The popular ones in this category are plastics and vinyls like the EVA (ethylene vinyl acetate) or PEVA (polyethylene vinyl acetate) and faux wood. These are strong, durable and lie in the medium cost range. The faux wood is very trendy as it gives the look of wood finish but unlike wood, it doesn’t swell or wear away when placed in contact with water. These materials are very easy to clean as they can be washed as well as wiped with sponge or wipe cloth, thus, making them quick to maintain.

Other window treatments ideas also include renovating your window completely by changing its basic form. This can be done effectively by adding various window styles such as the awnings, bay windows, stained glass, Japanese styled woven bamboo windows, fancy grilles, fully or partially glazed work, casement windows and Jalousie windows.

You can add more luxury to your large bathroom by infusing your bathroom window treatments with miniature clerestory windows. Acrylic glass block windows play a good amount of role in beautifying the bathrooms.

For carrying out treatments for existing windows, you can put curtains and draperies. Curtains and valances come in hundreds of colors and patterns. You can choose from a variety of materials and fabrics like cotton, vinyl, nylon and plastic. Before buying the curtains, make sure that the material is colorfast, strong and does not wear away by soap scum. You can get all kinds of valances for your bathroom window treatments.

You can buy sheer fabrics like lace, muslin and net for a warm and light look or opt for dark colored swags for the heavy look. These window curtains must be backed by shades to enable sufficient privacy while using the bathrooms at night. The curtains can be tied either on both sides or one side depending upon the ease of operating them. The valances can be simple fabrics or box types or in the form of shelves. The shelf valance is very trendy as you can keep fancy loofahs, potpourri and ornate bath salt jars for decorative purposes. Beaded valances can be used alone or in combination with other type of valances. Bathroom window treatments for kids’ bathrooms should be innovative and different from the usual bathroom window treatments. The curtain rods can be of innovative shapes such as a branch of a tree or a Christmas candy shaped curtain rod for your kids’ bathroom windows.

If you don not wish to go for draperies or a lacy look, then rolling blinds, Roman shades, vertical and horizontal blinds, colorful shades and elegant shutters are the correct option for you. Shutters generally open outwards and they are not as easy to operate as curtains or rolling shades. With a shelf at the base of the window, you can extend the length of the window, making it appear larger than it actually is.

Elegant and Ornate Antique Ceiling Tiles

16Beautiful, ornate, antique tin ceiling tiles are very popular today and are being used as decorative accessories, wall décor, supports for artwork and of course, for home remodeling projects. These elegant and charming “collectibles” are back in vogue and continue to attract many buyers.

Ceiling tins can be found in original form or as newly manufactured products made to mimic the charm and elegance of the older looks. There are several groups of people who are eager to find tiles in their original form: collectors, homeowners and artists/crafters.

First, let us begin with a little background about tin ceiling tiles. Pressed or embossed tin ceilings were very popular during the Victorian Era as an affordable substitute for the plaster-designed ceilings found in wealthy European homes. Thin metal sheets of tin, copper or stainless steel were stamped with intricate patterns and often painted white to resemble the more expensively-produced, hand-carved or molded plaster ceilings. Companies in Ohio, New York and Pennsylvania mass produced thin metal plate during the late 1800s and created numerous patterns from which buyers could choose.

During the WW II Era, tin ceiling tiles went out of favor as metals were conserved for the war effort, and other types of ceilings were promoted. By the 1950s and 1960s, acoustic drop ceiling tiles and dry wall dominated the marketplace and could be found in homes, hotels and buildings.

Because original tin ceiling tiles have such pretty designs and craftsmanship, many people like to collect these lovely antique pieces. Collectors enjoy finding tiles of different sizes, as well as seeking out tiles with unique patterns, shapes, colors and symbols.

On online sites , these tiles are categorized under the heading “Architectural & Garden” in the antique category. Searching the words antique ceiling tins will bring you into the section where you will find early tin ceiling tiles. Using the phrase vintage ceiling tile generally calls up a list of “vintage style” or “reproduced” tiles. Prices vary according to the size, quantity and uniqueness of design. For collectible older tiles, prices vary according to rarity, availability, intricacy of pattern and whether a particular tile has been reproduced You can expect to find small ordinary tiles for as little as $5 and fancier larger tiles or groups of tiles from $25 and up.

With so many reproduced tiles available it may get a little tricky to tell the vintage pieces from the newer models. Older ceiling tin is heavier than the newer version and has surfaces showing lots of rust, dents, chippy paint, rough scaly edges and sharp nail holes.

Although reproductions are made to look like the real thing, you will notice that the new items are lighter and smoother and are simply too perfect. Also worth mentioning is that sometimes old tiles appear new when they are not. This can happen when a vintage piece is cleaned and refinished or an original tile is framed with an old door or window trim.

Unlike older tiles which rust, newer tiles are often made with a special powder finish which is rust-proof, allowing for indoor and outdoor use. But even “cleaned up” older tiles look and feel differently than new ones. Collectors who handle lots of these detailed works of art learn to distinguish the differences.
While true collectors mix and match their collections with different examples of tiles, homeowners who may want to remodel a kitchen ceiling or frame a fireplace need to find multiple tiles. They generally look toward new versions of these handsome decorative items.

Reproduced tiles are made from a variety of materials such as tin, vinyl, wood and plastics, and they come in numerous colors and finishes. Popular colors for store-bought tin tiles are copper, bronze, gold, black, silver, rust, burgundy, mocha and whites or unpainted for custom colors. There are many companies that carry a variet of colors and styles. A newer tile snaps locks. These tiles can be screwed into any ceiling (drop, popcorn, etc.). You can order sample tiles to evaluate before you begin a project.
While the snap-lock variety of ceiling tile is very popular, there are other innovative applications of ceiling tiles on the market today. For example, you can now purchase tiles that come in rolls like wallpaper , as well as peel-and-stick types of ceiling tiles.

Besides using tiles for the ceiling, homeowners often add tile as a kitchen backsplash or a medallion for hanging fixtures. Some creative folks even use ceiling tiles as faux headboards. Another group of individuals who look for vintage tiles is artists and crafters. These talented folks make handsome objets d’art out of these architectural salvaged masterpieces.

Many artists like to paint on vintage ceiling tiles. One artist I am familiar with, looks for tins that are more than 100 years old, in good shape and require minimal prep work. The artist I am referring to generally passes up tiles that have holes or dents, preferring instead pieces with unusual designs or shapes which inspire her to use the background as part of her subject matter and design work.

Other crafters have had great success selling frames made out of old tiles and inserting a canvas with florals and other images. While many current artists are discovering a variety of ways to use old ceiling tins and other salvage materials, the Pennsylvania Dutch have crafted objects from tin for a very long time. For example, they are noted for creating barn stars out of old tin roof material. Many stores specializing in country gifts sell reproduction stars.

Interest in architectural salvage continues to grow as collectors, homeowners and artists are falling in love with old world craftsmanship. Using reclaimed ceiling tin as decorative accessories in today’s homes is an excellent way to blend older traditions with modern day lifestyles.

C. Dianne Zweig is the author of Hot Kitchen & Home Collectibles of the 30s, 40s, 50s and Hot Cottage Collectibles for Vintage Style Homes. She is also the Editor of an actively growing internet based resource community for people who buy, sell or collect antiques, collectibles and art. You can find Dianne’s fabulous retro and vintage kitchen, home and cottage collectibles at The Collinsville Antiques Company of New Hartford, CT, a 22,000 feet antique emporium with an in-house retro café.